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This activity can either be done on your own or lead by a guide.  Stroll around the forest and observe nature up close and personal.

Cross-country skiing

This activity, done on your own or led by a guide, can either be a family initiation or by age groups.  Glide around the forest on paths of various distances and levels of difficulty.

Patins, ringuette, ballon-balai

Lit outdoor rink, ideal for skating, ringuette, hockey or broomball. These activities can be done either on your own or under supervision. Ringuette is plyed with a straight stick and a donut-like ring, while broomball is played with hardened brooms and a small ball..

Available from June 24th to August 19th or for groups

Ecology Hike

Coming soon...

Sailing Ski

This activity will get your adrenalin pumping.  On the frozen lake, let the wind pull you away.  Supervision is required.

Nordic Sauna

This relaxation activity done on your own. Start in a small log cabin equipped with a wood-burning stove on the shores of the lake.  After sweating heavily, take a quick dip in the lake.

Ice Fishing

Family activity supervised by a guide.  Fishing on a frozen lake in a specific zone.

Acrobatic Kiting Initiation

Coming soon...

3-Skis Adventure

Coming soon...

Tube sliding

This activity can be done on your own or supervised. Slide down a slope ending on the frozen lake.

Salle de quilles

Bowling (Salon de Quilles du Vieux Chemin)

1807, Vieux-Chemin Street, Pohénégamook

Bowling alley located nearby with six (6) lanes and complete restaurant service on site.

(418) 859-2251

Route des Frontières


La vieille Gare de Rivière Bleue


Station scientifique Aster


Fort Ingall

For more information, visit their website.


Roseraie du Témiscouata